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Cleverly partners with iMovo to offer full-scale CX services

At Cleverly, we make customer service organizations more efficient through operational excellence using AI-based solutions to deliver the benefits of automation and human augmentation.

Today we announce our most recent partnership with iMovo. All of us are living through transformational times, so combining both companies’ knowledge is especially relevant to keep up with the industry and continuously improve the services we offer our customers.

Cleverly and iMovo join forces

iMovo are experts and thought leaders in customer experience systems, practices, and implementation, which is why we are thrilled to say we are partnering with them to offer our joint services to customers in Portugal, Malta, and other markets across Europe.

Through this new partnership, we combine Cleverly’s AI expertise and seamless help desk integrations with iMovo’s deep knowledge of the customer experience and digitalization spaces. Together, we plan to collaborate at both a commercial and technical level, to be able to provide full-scale services to our current and future customers.

It’s a pleasure to welcome iMovo to Portugal and count on their expertise and deep knowledge in the customer experience space, to help us accomplish a joint mission of making Customer Service organizations more efficient through operational excellence and AI-based solutions. Combining these two foundational pieces of the customer experience discipline is especially relevant at the transformational time we are living.

— Cristina Fonseca, CEO and Co-founder of Cleverly

This partnership comes after the company announced it would be establishing a presence in Portugal last year. The decision was made to help iMovo achieve one of its key goals to become a strong global player in its field of expertise and keep developing and strengthening its international business segment.

Commenting on this partnership and the benefits of such technologies, Pierre Mallia, CEO & Founder of iMovo Limited said:

We are pleased to establish this collaboration with Cleverly, for a variety of reasons including the fact that we are establishing a presence in the Portuguese market, as well as the fact that, as a company, we have built up a broad portfolio of customers in the Customer Service Management space. We see this relationship with Cleverly as a natural step to take and the collaboration will help enrich the intellectual capacity in both organizations. Most of all, however, by bringing together two specialist companies in the field of customer service, we will be providing a far more powerful offering to customer service organizations and leaders out there.

Partnering with an AI company like Cleverly continues to position us as being at the forefront from an innovation standpoint, where 21st century customer service standards are converging.

We look forward to working with Cristina Fonseca and her team at Cleverly.

For more information please contact us at go@cleverly.ai or visit us at www.cleverly.ai