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Cleverly is joining Zendesk

Cleverly’s mission has been to solve one of the most pressing problems in business today: eliminate the amount of manual and repetitive work that gets in the way of providing a better customer experience (CX) with the power of AI. 

We believe that AI has the ability to help CX teams truly deliver great customer service, and the next generation of great customer experiences will be created by intelligent software enabling humans and AI working closely together to deliver this at scale.

That’s why we are excited to announce that Cleverly is becoming part of the Zendesk team. 

Why Zendesk?

Both Cleverly and Zendesk agree on a vision about where the future of customer service is heading, and we’re excited for the opportunity to bring Cleverly’s work to a fast growing, global customer base.

At Cleverly, we made it our goal to offer a solution that ‘felt like magic’, and did not require a complex setup process of many months. We set ourselves the goal to deliver a fully trained solution that customers could use in weeks, providing outstanding results every time, with little or no input required from them. 

Zendesk’s solutions are founded on the very same premise - that software should be fast to implement, easy to use, and therefore quick for businesses to see real time-to-value. We believe this shared philosophy makes Zendesk the perfect match for what we have built.

It is also our core belief that AI democratization means that customers benefit from the technology without having to struggle with its endless complexity and pitfalls. Cleverly’s focus has been to develop an end-to-end AI layer for customer service that provides intelligent automation and efficiency and unlike others is easy to use. Now, our focus will be to bring that intelligence to Zendesk’s platform, providing quick answers to agents, giving proactive workflow advice to managers, and insights about the operation to administrators.

Thank you

We’d like to thank our many customers and partners, and look forward to their continued partnership and support. Most notably, the company we are today is the result of many years of hard work and commitment from our outstanding team - we would not be here without them, and are excited to continue the adventure together at Zendesk.  

Stay tuned!

Cristina and Pedro

Cleverly Co-founders