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Dashlane automates 40% of replies in less than 3 months with Cleverly

of replies automated in less than 3 months
of tickets closed without human interaction


  • Increase morale and efficiency of the team
  • Reduce repetitive tasks for teams
  • Maintain reply consistency across 50-agent team
  • Onboard new hires fast without compromising service quality


  • Labeling and triaging customer requests automatically
  • Automated replies to customers’ most common questions
  • Just-in-time agent assistance through script and macro suggestions
Helpdesk Platform
Time to results
3 months


Dashlane is a leading tech company offering a B2B and B2C password manager that helps users save the password, payment, and personal information they need to navigate the internet while keeping their data safe. Ever since releasing its first software in 2012, Dashlane has seen a consistent rise in popularity. It now has over 10 million users in 180 countries, and offices in New York, Paris, and Lisbon.


Dashlane’s fast growth led to an increase in customer service requests. To cope with the growing demand, Dashlane expanded its customer service team by hiring new agents. And as the team grew — it now has 50 agents handling a volume of up to 6000 tickets per month — it became even more important to guarantee that the team was working efficiently. Despite having seen an increase in the number of customer requests recently, over the years, the type of request Dashlane’s support team receives hasn’t changed much. That means they have been handling routine requests that end up taking a lot of agents’ time and leaving them feeling demotivated due to their repetitive nature. Dashlane had several goals in mind: reduce ticket volumes, reduce response times by minimizing agent involvement and resolving repetitive tickets through automation of first replies, and reduce ticket handling times by assisting agents in replying faster and more accurately. Catering to both B2B and B2C customers’ needs, Dashlane partnered with Cleverly to streamline operations and raise their overall efficiency while lowering costs.

"Our accuracy has been extremely high. This is critical for us as we don’t want automation to hurt our brand and create a poor experience for us."

Shalini Choudhary

Director of Operations, Customer Service and Support, Dashlane


Within just 3 months of implementing Cleverly’s Triage, Automations, and Agent Assist solutions, Dashlane could already see its support team become more efficient. Triage allowed Dashlane to automatically categorize and segment customer requests into 128 categories, which improved and accelerated the routing process to the right agents or teams to best handle them. With Agent Assist, Dashlane is now able to use AI to recommend the best procedures and macros to agents directly on Zendesk, resulting in a reduction of ticket handling time and boosting productivity. Cleverly’s non-invasive presence directly on Zendesk was key for agents to maintain existing workflows and not have to change how they already worked on their help desk. “Navigation is super-easy. Less than 5 minutes to train a new agent on it.” Additionally, new agents’ ramp-up times are faster thanks to accurate and reliable suggestions. Dashlane is also using Automations to provide a first, automated reply to customers’ most common requests, with a good percentage of them being solved this way. As a result, Dashlane has seen a reduction both in ticket volume and response time, as Automations minimize agent involvement in ticket resolution.

Business Results

With Cleverly’s assistance, Dashlane was able to increase its customer service team’s efficiency in just 3 months. Within that time frame, the automation rate went from between 3 and 5% to nearly 40% of tickets getting an automated first reply. Out of those, close to 20% don’t require any further assistance from an agent. Finally, Cleverly’s AI-based assistant has helped Dashlane achieve a ticket handling time of 12 minutes, and will further help the customer service team reach their goal of 6 minutes. The results are so good that Dashlane’s support team nicknamed Cleverly “Dashy” and now sees it not as an AI layer, but as an AI member of the team. “If you could build a super agent that has gone through every single article you have, and every single ticket you have, that would be Cleverly.”

“Gametime implements strategic workflows reducing ticket volume by 15% with Cleverly”

Jon Braga