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FNAC deflects 72.7% of tickets through self-service with Cleverly

Deflection rate
of tickets solved through self-service alone


  • A dramatic increase in support volume due to the pandemic
  • Low deflection rates due to the inability of customers to find information in the existing help centre
  • Free overwhelmed agents from providing routine support


  • Cleverly Self-Service
  • Resolving majority cases with accurate self-service content;
  • Collecting case-specific information (like order number or invoice number) depending on customer inquiry;
  • Customizing the experience in terms of look, feel, and interaction, improving customer experience significantly.
Helpdesk Platform
Time to results
2 weeks


FNAC is a French retail chain founded in 1954 that sells cultural goods — books, music, films, among others — as well as electronic products. FNAC Portugal was established in 1998 and has since grown to 34 brick-and-mortar locations and an online store with a nationwide distribution that has been growing considerably in the last years.


With the increasing popularity of online shopping and business growth, supporting not only electronic products which is still the core business, but also supporting home appliances and marketplace where sellers can list products, the customer service operation has been growing and under pressure with the increasing demand. Although FNAC had revamped a help centre with a large quantity of helpful content, most of the times customers were unable or unwilling to utilize self-service help, continuing to contact the support team instead. The team was already overwhelmed, and it became frustrating to keep repeating the same reply to a lot of frequent questions whose solution could easily be found online. FNAC’s support team consisted of both an internal and external partner that handled only the phone volume. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the team saw a dramatic increase in email volume due to the surging popularity of online shopping which resulted in doubling the total number of agents to support this increased load. This prompted FNAC to seek out a solution that helps improve customer service efficiency while also delivering better self-service for customers.

"I was very surprised with the speed with which we were able to implement Cleverly and the great results we saw in 15 days."

Carla Figueira

Head of Customer Care, Fnac


FNAC partnered with Cleverly to implement a more robust self-service solution that placed customer experience at the heart of the solution. The company felt that by offering an intuitive self-service option to solve customer questions, they could achieve the dual goal of customer satisfaction and more efficient customer service.

Business Results

Within two weeks of Cleverly solution implementation, FNAC saw a 60% deflection of client intent and 30% of customer requests resolved without the need to contact support. “I was very surprised with the speed with which we were able to implement Cleverly and the great results we saw in this short time,” said Carla Figueira, Head of FNAC Customer Care. Now, after a few months, FNAC regularly sees a whopping 72.7% rate of self-service deflection and a 51.4% resolution rate. In the case of FNAC, both self-service deflection and resolution rates are high: indicating that the self-service content and experience are truly helping customers find the answers they are looking for themselves. As Carla stated with respect to impact on their KPIs, “What I like about Cleverly is that they are very committed to results. They don’t give up.” The implementation of Cleverly Self-Service not only frees up agents to address more complex requests but also saves FNAC thousands of dollars in hiring costs: A true win-win for both FNAC’s customers and customer service team.

CTT sees 40% self-service deflection rate in a week with Cleverly.

Nuno Matos