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Within one day Cleverly automates replies for Gametime’s customers’ emails during the Covid-19 pandemic

of tickets automated in the top category
Decrease of ticket volume


  • Deal with a 10x volume increase in the course of a week
  • Efficiently reply to hundreds of repetitive requests


  • Accurate triage on category and league
  • Automated actions (reply, routing) depending on ticket topic helped clear a significant amount of requests

San Francisco, USA
Helpdesk Platform
Zendesk + Cleverly
Time to results
2 days


Gametime is a mobile ticket marketplace app that sells last-minute tickets to the most popular events in sports, music, and theatre in more than 50 cities across the U.S. and Canada. As one of the fastest-growing companies in the market, part of the company’s value proposition is its exceptional customer experience, including quick and reliable support.


As the Covid-19 epidemic brought the world to a standstill, the first containment measures greatly affected the events industry, with conferences and sports gatherings being canceled all over the country. The cancellation of the main sports leagues such as the NBA, NHL or MLB, created an operational bottleneck for a company such as Gametime which had sold thousands of tickets for those events. The customer support team saw the volume of new tickets rise ten-fold in one single week, as clients flooded the inbox with questions about the cancellation policies, event rescheduling, and refund requests. This unprecedented peek required a clever approach if all the customers’ questions were to be answered in a reasonable time.

"I came to the Cleverly team with a challenge and in literally 24 hours I was seeing a significant impact in our operations."

Jon Braga

Sr. Director Support and Operations Gametime


Fortunately, Gametime was not unprepared for the situation. The team had recently engaged with Cleverly to use its Artificial Intelligence technology in the customer service operation. Cleverly’s triage system uses AI to sort the customer requests based on their priority and understand what needs to be dealt with right away and what can wait a little bit longer. As the epidemic grew and the inflow of customer requests around the canceled events soared, Cleverly set up a custom AI model which triggered automatic replies to the most common questions. This helped comfort customers’ with timely information about their tickets in a matter of minutes, as well as provide much-needed relief to Gametime’s customer service team in this difficult time. By knowing what type of request Gametime was receiving, Cleverly was able to automate cases based on certain conditions: the particular sports event and the different types of request. The team was able to handle the remaining requests with more care, a win on both sides for the end customers’.

Business Results

As soon as the automations were implemented, hundreds of tickets were replied automatically, doing the work equivalent of three full-time agents per day. Bringing Gametime up to speed in 2 hours and helping the company stay on track amid the fallout of the worst epidemic of recent times. Customers’ got their answers on time, and Gametime’s team is now better prepared for any new sudden influx of requests related to Covid-19.

“Perfumes & Companhia doubles its customer service productivity and reduces manual work by 75% with Cleverly”

Mariana Romão
Perfumes & Companhia