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NWWI Automates 80% of their Top Ticket Categories with 20% Needing Zero-touch

Agent assist rate
Full automation rate


  • Reduce pressure on agents that are dealing with large ticket and call volumes.
  • Keep agents up-to-date on regulatory changes and other industry information they need.
  • Reduce the long onboarding time of 4-5 months for each agent.


  • Automations for marketing, spam, and other standard requests.
  • Agent Assistance for reply and procedure suggestions.
  • Knowledge management for macros and articles.
Helpdesk Platform
Time to results
2 months


The Netherlands Housing Value Institute, the NWWI, validates reports of housing appraisals from affiliated appraisers and ensures that each appraisal is drawn up uniformly and according to clear guidelines. This provides lenders, intermediaries, and consumers with objective and reliable home appraisals. If a valuation report is approved by the NWWI, then almost every lender in the Netherlands will accept the report for granting a mortgage loan.


Estimating the value of the real estate is important for several reasons, including real estate valuation, financing, sales listing, investment analysis, property insurance, and taxation. Accurate real estate valuation is therefore very important to mortgage lenders, investors, insurers, and buyers and sellers of real property. To ensure NWWI can validate housing approvals accurately, NWWI has to do two things – their agents have to be up to date on the most recent regulatory changes and requirements, which can change every 1-2 months; and they have to answer questions on every appraisal as quickly as possible – their SLA for customers is 5 hours for replies. NWWI receives a very high volume of emails and calls every day where each query can take up to 30 minutes for an agent to resolve. Moreover, a considerable percentage of the agent’s time is spent looking up information in internal systems in order to send targeted replies depending on, for example, the report status. All this means that the work pressure on the agents is high, and this was the main reason NWWI was looking for a solution that could relieve the pressure on the agents. Specifically, they were looking for a solution to automate tickets that were generic and repetitive in nature and thus would enable the agents to answer more complex tickets within the given SLA.

"Our entire department has become more efficient and the bulk of our questions are now handled by Cleverly so there is more time for agents to handle the more complex questions."

Alex Van Eck

IT Manager, NWWI


NWWI partnered with Cleverly to optimize the support processes and improve agent experience. For this, they implemented Cleverly’s full platform solution, including Triage, Automations, Agent Assist, and Knowledge Management. First, using Cleverly’s triage and its pre-built classification system, NWWI was able to get visibility into their ticket distribution. For example, they immediately saw that over 12% of all their tickets were simple cancelation requests that did not need any agent interaction. They identified a few such categories and automated the replies, thus very quickly reducing the pipeline of cases for agents. They also took advantage of Cleverly’s advanced contextual lookup capabilities to find information specific to a customer’s context, in this case, the report number and its status from NWWI’s internal system. This not only reduced the time agents were spending on each request, but it also enabled the agents to provide more accurate answers. In parallel to automating the ticket categories, Cleverly’s Agent Assist went to work helping agents with their tickets in real-time. The agent assist suggests the best replies, macros, or self-service articles for the different types of requests directly in their Zendesk application view, ensuring faster, more consistent answers across the whole team. Lastly, to tackle the problem of knowledge management, NWWI took advantage of Cleverly’s knowledge management solution. With Cleverly’s knowledge management solution, NWWI gets visibility into the usage of macros and content for answering different categories of tickets and helps the team to identify and collaborate on keeping the database up to date.

Business Results

Before Cleverly, NWWI agents had to look for the right macro and most up-to-date information for accurately replying to requests. Moreover, each agent was doing this differently. Now, nearly 45.8% of all cases are being assisted by Cleverly’s recommendations. This has resulted in a more consistent response across the team and has improved the agent’s ability to handle more complex cases. Within just two months of implementing Cleverly, NWWI has been able to automate more than 80% of all tickets across their top five categories of tickets. Of this, 20.4% of the tickets receive full automation, meaning they require no interaction from any agent. In addition, NWWI has been able to reduce the length of time it takes to onboard new agents. Cleverly’s the ability to route tickets based on a category and its ability to assist agents with replies has empowered new agents to get confident on the job more quickly which has been key in a remote work setting. Beyond the impact to critical KPIs, agents are visibly happier, which in the long term helps NWWI with retention.

“Cleverly’s AI accuracy is over 90% which is not common. And that is important for us as we don’t want AI to hurt our brand”

Shalini Choudhary