Effortless knowledge management for productive teams

Keep your database of internal procedures, macros and FAQs always up-to-date, complete, and accurate.

Our AI-based solution helps identify knowledge gaps, detect unused or duplicate macros, and draft new reply templates, keeping information up-to-date. It is also a collaborative tool that helps you aggregate your team's collective knowledge.

A proactive approach to work on the foundation of your CS operation

Reviewing the macros, reply procedures, and FAQs that power your support operation shouldn’t be a best-effort activity. By providing actionable insights in regards to what’s being used, what needs to be reviewed, and even what new macros should be created based on our AI, Cleverly helps you enable effective assist, automation, and self-service strategies.

Cleverly Knowledge Highlights

Collaborative content revision

In the collaborative environment we work in, leveraging the team’s knowledge is essential to keep consistency and avoid unproductive work. That should be the case in your support operations as well. Knowledge is a tool featuring collaborative content revisions and history. Leverage your agents’ best skills and have everyone collaborate on a common knowledge database.

Knowledge gap analysis and content suggestions

We identify knowledge gaps and detect unused or duplicate macros, keeping information effortlessly up-to-date. Our advanced algorithms will also scan your data for reply patterns and draft new macros for you based on that. Transform the way you maintain your internal and external database using our AI-based customer service knowledge management solution.

Macro usage statistics and reporting

Reporting on macro usage is a foundational element in understanding if any existing content is being used, which is key to revamp your knowledge base, by creating new macros or reviewing existing ones. It also helps understand which agents are or are not using macros so you can reinforce macro adoption as a best practice. Measure how your content is being used and act on that.

Business Cases

“Bizay triples template usage and generates knowledge base in 6 languages with Cleverly”

Bernardo Marques
Bizay building lobby.

“Cleverly’s AI accuracy is over 90% which is not common. And that is important for us as we don’t want AI to hurt our brand”

Shalini Choudhary

“Gametime implements strategic workflows reducing ticket volume by 15% with Cleverly”

Jon Braga
Team meeting with computer at office.

Cleverly Knowledge

Cleverly Knowledge: shaping the foundation of your Customer Service operations